About Vtechcom

Vtech International Trading Company Limited (Vtechcom Co., Ltd) in Vietnam - Supplier of high quality Nitrile Gloves with the brand VGLOBAL owned by Vtechcom and manufactured in Malaysia under the International Standard.

Medical equipment supply

  • In addition to supporting the sales channels to medical organizations, we also satisfy different industries by offering a wide range of gloves, such as Gloves for daily use for Industrial, Lab and food processing.

Sustainable Development

At Vtechcom, we are constantly researching to create improvements and innovations to adapt to the market, with the focus for the environment, for the health of the community.


Our ultimate goal as a Distributor of Vglobal Nitrile gloves is to provide high-quality gloves that assure protection against chemical risks and ensuring that we are still maintaining adequate touch sensitivity and reducing irritation. We make sure that clients receive the integrity and quality in the products they receive.



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