8 Reasons Why Nitrile Gloves Are The Best

Nitrile gloves are now regarded as the most functional hand protection products in the market. Nitrile gloves are made from a synthetic rubber polymer. Nitrile has easily overtaken latex as the best glove production material mainly due to its superior hand protection qualities and the fact that nitrile is latex free. But this does not mean that latex gloves are no longer popular. Latex is still highly favored in the manufacture of medical grade gloves. This is mainly because latex is highly elastic and strong and also because it’s cheaper to produce than nitrile. Not to mention that latex is biodegradable. You should also never forget that vinyl is another up-and-coming glove production material that offers the most cost-effective hand protection solution in the glove industry. Anyway, nitrile continues to rule the glove industry as more users prefer this synthetic material over other natural and synthetic glove production materials. Today we are going to list eight reasons why nitrile gloves are the best of all.

Greater Chemical Resistance
Nitrile offers greater chemical resistance than all other glove production materials. Nitrile gloves are recommended for high risk work environments where harsh chemicals are present. Nitrile gloves can protect your hands from harsh corrosive chemicals that cannot be withstood by latex and vinyl gloves.

Greater Tear And Puncture Resistance
Nitrile is the strongest material for producing gloves. Nitrile gloves offer great tear and puncture resistance. In fact, nitrile is 3-4 times more puncture resistant than latex. Nitrile is now the choice material for manufacturing disposable mechanics gloves and other industrial grade gloves that are used in risky work environments where all kinds of sharp objects are in use. Nitrile gloves will protect your hands from cuts, bruises, piercings, and other physical injuries.disposable mechanics glovesdisposable mechanics gloves

100% Latex Free
The main reason why nitrile gloves are more popular than latex gloves is because of allergic reactions. Latex gloves contain natural rubber proteins that can cause allergic skin reactions to the user. This means that many people now prefer using the relatively safe nitrile instead of latex because of the risk of allergic skin reactions. Nitrile is 100% latex free and hence very safe and healthy to use.

Snug And Comfortable Fit
Nitrile gloves fit perfectly on your hands. The gloves conform to the shape of your hand and react to your body temperature to ensure a snug comfortable fit. And although latex gloves are regarded as the best fitting gloves of all, modern nitrile gloves are just as snug and comfortable.

Lower Resistance To Friction
Nitrile gloves offer very low resistance to friction when being worn. This means that you can easily wear and remove your disposable nitrile gloves without risking a tear. They do not even require the allergy causing powder to ensure ease of wear.

Versatile Application
Because of their superior protective qualities, nitrile gloves are suitable for use in many different industries. Nitrile is now used to make medical grade, food service, and all kinds of industrial grade gloves.

Totally Waterproof
Nitrile gloves are completely waterproof. This means that you can wear nitrile gloves underneath your regular working gloves to prevent water permeation. Nitrile gloves are recommended for damp working environments.

Longer Shelf Life
Nitrile gloves have a longer shelf life than latex gloves. Nitrile is a very strong and durable material used to manufacture high quality gloves. These gloves last for a very long time in storage.